Sustainable Linseed Oil Paint from Ottosson of Sweden

Linseed Oil Paint: Beautiful, Sustainable, Durable, Healthy & Environmentally Friendly.

Solvent-free, Plastic-free, Carbon Zero Paint!

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Carbon Zero Paint

Carbon Zero Paint

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About Ekopaints

Ekopaints distributes Ottosson linseed oil paints made in Sweden into New Zealand and Australia, their house paints are eco-friendly, sustainable and durable. Ottosson linseed oil paint is for both interior and exterior use, and it's natural colours provide a beautiful long lasting finish. Linseed oil paint spreading further, and is proven in international trials to outlast and out-protect acrylic paints.

Linseed oil paint contain no toxins so it is great to work with and creates a healthy environment to living in. Ottosson paints uses natural pigments which makes it far more resistant to the harsh UV light of New Zealand than the synthetically produced pigments in acrylic paints. Also unlike acrylic paints, linseed oil paint contains no plastic polymers, and no nasty solvents.

Ottosson linseed oil paint is the highest quality and most durable paint that money can buy. It protects wood from rotting and metal from rusting and keeps protecting for decades not years. Comparing linseed oil paint to acrylic paint is like comparing butter to margarine.


We can help you select the right colours from our natural colour range and arrange delivery. We can also advise you on how best to apply the linseed oil paint on the surfaces that you want painted.

Please note that we currently hold no stock, so all product ordered will need to be shipped or air freighted into New Zealand from Sweden. However, Ekopaints will cover any and all freight costs while we are out of stock.


Try before you buy

We can provide you with 125ml tins of linseed oil paint so you can test if the colour that you like really looks good on the surface that you are looking to paint. Also available are box-sets of wooden swatches which have the full colour range available so that you can use to match the  colour of your choice.

Freight from Sweden

Delivery of our paint can be arranged depending on the lead-time required. Your paint can either be air freighted in which takes about a week or it can be shipped from Sweden, which takes around 7-8 weeks.


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